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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) !

By Padma L, July 31,2018

Digital marketing and its strategy have gained new heights now. At the backend, many factors like researching, Internet business analysis, Build, Implement, and managing the results are few factors to be considered to make your brand speak by them across the web. One such strategy which utilizes all these factors and is used wide-spread by almost all the best digital marketing companies in Noida is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search Engine Optimization revolves around only 5 concepts- website content, website code, Keyword analysis, Result analysis, and visitor tracking. It is an important ingredient of a successful marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing Strategies:

Any top online marketing company in Noida is successful because it implements and believes in the below concepts for a successful SEO:

  • Adjust business practice for markets.

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  • Find your prospects and segment them
  • Do keyword research and create a keyword blueprint
  • Get software that integrates the content management system, analytics, email marketing, e-commerce, business process management and customer relationship manager.
  • Generate leads through PPC, SEO, Social media and other pages.
  • Make sales through Educative, social and sales relationships.
  • Test, track, and optimize Business marketing data.

How SEO works:

SEO is a text-driven methodology. It uses complex algorithms and based on different factors like Meta tags, inbound links, Keyword density and Website content.

Meta tags– The search engines use the HTML document to analyze the content of the website. The Meta tags provide the metadata in the HTML document.

Inbound Links- Hyperlinks are used to navigate to your website which plays a part in increasing the rank for your website. Inbound is a hyperlink placed on the search results to ensure that the websites get high traffic.

Keyword Density– The number of times the keyword is used in the content is the keyword density. This will give you the relevance of the keyword with the website content.

Website content-Here comes the crucial aspect of the search engine traffic.  This is the factor which will pull more readers and viewers to your website and increases the credibility of your company.

Role of SEO:

SEO performs certain functions – crawling, indexing, Search engine algorithms, retrieving.

Crawling – Crawler is software which searches the World Wide Web for the search process to happen efficiently. Though the crawler doesn’t check frequently, it copies the web pages which have been visited, and the pages which were downloaded, which is later processed by the search engine.

Indexing– The visited web pages are stored in a database and later retrieved by the search engines by the use of the keyword.

Search Engine algorithms– A set of rules or formula determines the gentility and credibility of the website. Three types of algorithms exist- on-site, off-site, and whole-site algorithms.

Retrieving– A group of documents or web pages are retrieved by the search engine once it understands the requirement of the user.

Role of SEO:

  • Online marketing is gaining popularity because of the emerging social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. SEO aligns with these forums along with its best practices to make the search process efficient.
  • SEO analyses, reviews, and implements the website updates for optimizing with search engines.
  • Search engines have certain credibility and trust among the end users. Having a presence on the first page of the search engines increases the traffic and trust of the website.
  • Brand identity and reputation are built with the increased traffic. It is about helping the customers find out your business among many other reputed organizations.
  • The ability to mine and manage data effectively and implement strategy within a defined budget with high return on investment.
  • A digital marketing strategy with an effective and balanced SEO will steer the organization to success and have their reputation intact.

Benefits of SEO:

  1. Maintains a top position in the search engines results from the pages.
  2. provides measurable and tangible results irrespective of if the industry is e-commerce or non-e-commerce.
  3. A cost-effective strategy that the companies can rely on and assure the best quality.
  4. Makes the navigation process easy for both search engines and users.
  5. Higher brand credibility.

SEO still stays and going to stay the cheapest marketing tool that scales up your online customers most effectively. Hence, Switch to SEO TODAY and embrace the transformation it brings to your brand.

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