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How to optimize video content when the visuals can fetch you leads!

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No matter what we do, our job is to tell the story when it comes to marketing. Posting video content is one such effective and clear-cut strategy to reach out to a broader community and an easy approach to increase the customer base.

What is a video strategy?

It is about telling a unique, compelling and related story of your brand with a series of videos covering effective description of your product and services.  While visual technologies are conquering the current digital world, especially in the field of internet marketing. It adds a personal touch to your brand, whilst building deep and meaningful rapport with the customers. It solidifies your online presence and increases the conversions.

How to optimize the video content?

The internet users are omnipresent now and especially those who watch the videos are is on a huge rise. It is said that 85% of online users rely on the video content and is likely to buy the product. Even the mobile service providers have 60% of mobile data traffic occupying video content only and are expected to increase by 78% in the next few years.  YouTube is the topmost video revenue yielder in the world with more than one billions views every day.

Whatever your goals might be with respect to social media, but you can use video to promote those goals. The basic and critical factors are how you optimize it well without consuming much of the data, and at the same time without compromising on the consumers viewing experiences.

Creating SEO-friendly videos are quite challenging especially for small businesses.  But, if the strategies are well planned and implemented, it is an enormous opportunity for the small firms to be ranked high in the Search Engine Result Pages.

  • Creating the Content with Ideas and Concepts: Rather focusing on blatant commercial concepts, try creating ads with useful information that prompts people to share them with their forum and friends. How to Optimize Video Content for SEOFor instance, while making product demonstrations and education videos, selecting your products based on their requirements will serve a constructive purpose with the audience.  ‘How-to’ tutorials will work out big time and have a possibility to reach the wider audience.
  • Keywords- Remember keywords play an important role in Search Engine Optimisation. A solid keyword research will be required to make a high quality and SEO friendly video content. People will love if they are taught something new and at the same time it will need a lot of your knowledge and demonstrating attitude to achieve that in regards to your industry.
  • YouTube Channels- Once you are stabilized with your content start your own channels, and it will motivate you to make a more ongoing and regular web series. The subscriber numbers depend on the credibility and trust you have built with the people with your regular videos with consistent quality.
  • Recording the content-The types of equipment which you use for recording video content should be of high quality and work great. There is an abundance of video editing software available on the web for you with user-friendly features. How to optimize the video content?
  • User Attention- Drawing the attention of the customers in a short span depends on how well your content is compelling to the audience. In today’s age, people hardly give a minute or two to actually decide if they want to watch the full video or not. Hence, it is important for your video to look short and crisp to retain them throughout the content.
  • Add value- Imagine if you are a viewer, how do you want your video to be. The same expectation should reflect on your content as well. If that matches well, the video will be an effective one and provide a lot of engaging content as well.
  • Broadcasting –Once you are ready with your video, where to upload is another important factor to decide on to reach a wider forum. Instead of a single option, you can consider other various channels to connect with the audience. A lot of social network platforms are available like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snap chat are a few to consider while broadcasting your content.
  • SEO Tags The Google index relies on video description and assigned tags. Implementing best practices by giving related tags and providing useful links by writing long and clear video descriptions, which makes it easy for the people to search your content and surf videos better.
  • Optimizing Content- With the ever-growing trend of usage with smartphones comprising multiple feeds like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc there are more chances users switch off music while using it in public. So the visual cues should have strong content and if it lacks a bit of it, subtitles are the next option you should look for.
    How to do video optimization?

    Video Shooting and Production-Content Stellar.jpg

Video has earned a strong place, in today’s internet marketing.  With new and advanced technologies, video marketing will dramatically change the entertainment and communication markets and help network service providers to make critical purchasing decisions over next-generation networks.

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